Linode: Migrating from HE.net IPv6 tunnel to native IPv6

A few days ago, Linode.com announced native IPv6 roll out in their datacenters. Now, while I haven’t wrote about Linode in the past 6 months, I am still a happy customer. I am documenting the steps I took to migrate away from my HE.net tunnel. Set the TTL low on any DNS addresses that you will be changing. Ideally, do this a fair amount ahead of time. Send in a support ticket to get your /64 allocated.

Another reason to love Linode.com

It should be no secret that this site and my other co-location needs are hosted at Linode.com, for which I am a happy customer running Gentoo Linux. The reason for this post is that after an announcement today. All I had to do was reboot and then I received a 42% RAM increase. Yay. Thanks Linode, you are exceeding your competition! (Shameless plug for my [referral code][4] ) [4]: http://www.linode.com/?r=b4fa70eb87c890e08baf7b0c7852fb7cecd8963b

Gentoo: static IPv4 & IPv6 (HE.net tunnel)

For some reason, Linode.com (my review) sets up their hosts to use dhcpd to grab the static IPv4 address on boot. This is in contrast to Host Virtual which uses the “Gentoo-way” to set static addresses. Now, there isn’t anything exactly wrong with using dhcpd on hosts with static addresses, actually, it may be simpler (and this is probably why they did it). However, I don’t like it for a few reasons, booting takes longer as it probes for IPs and it uses extra space for dhcpd binary on a low resource host – this includes extra time for updating.

Virtual Machine clocksource issue

You have probably seen the Host Virtual advertisements on the sidebar of [gentoo.org][2] website. I ran into a weird clocksource issue on my VPS that I haven’t seen elsewhere. This issue was that my time would progressively get worse and worse and eventually NTP could not keep up because the clock was so far out of date. This happened on a pretty quick interval, about 1-2 days until I had to manually reset it.

New online home

If you have rss feeds to my old WP hosted blog, you may want to check them now and update if needed. That blog is closed for comments and I’ll rid google of it after it fully picks up this site. (Over 20,000 hits over there, thanks!) My new home is located on a Gentoo VPS from a provider called [Linode][3]. I have nothing but good things to say about Linode right now.