Linode: Migrating from IPv6 tunnel to native IPv6

A few days ago, announced native IPv6 roll out in their datacenters. Now, while I haven’t wrote about Linode in the past 6 months, I am still a happy customer. I am documenting the steps I took to migrate away from my tunnel.

  1. Set the TTL low on any DNS addresses that you will be changing. Ideally, do this a fair amount ahead of time.
  2. Send in a support ticket to get your /64 allocated. Sidenote: response time: 4 minutes
  3. Reboot ‘node so the backend system deploys your IPv6 after it was allocated. [Verify][5] IPV6 status on your ‘node.
  4. From a different IPv6 host, run nmap -6 on the existing address to verify listening services.
  5. Update DNS, define static networking, be happy.


Jeremy Olexa

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