New online home

If you have rss feeds to my old WP hosted blog, you may want to check them now and update if needed. That blog is closed for comments and I’ll rid google of it after it fully picks up this site. (Over 20,000 hits over there, thanks!)

My new home is located on a Gentoo VPS from a provider called [Linode][3]. I have nothing but good things to say about Linode right now. Service, response time, user community, admins in irc, price, etc. I have been working on setting up a webserver (this blog), email server – which caused me much pain overall, and a few other random things. For the most part, my new host is fully setup now and relatively hands free for major services.

Expect more [written] news from me soon here now that I got this project done. Oh, by the way, Linode has a referral program. If you appreciate some of the work I do for Gentoo, you should use my referral code to make a purchase there. Here is the link:


Jeremy Olexa

Random stuff that I write and make public to the interwebs. I am a tech enthusiast, so some posts are about tech/software. However, as of late, most will be about traveling. I hope you enjoy and find something useful.