RTW Recap/Reentering FAQ

I’m writing this because there are more incoming questions now that I am home than there was before I left. 14 countries in 14 months. Not super fast pace, but I did spend 8+ months in Australia. Q/A Session: Q: Where was your favorite place?! A: This is the most common question. If you really want me to sum up my favorite part of the past 14 months in a sentence ….

RTW Trip -- What people are asking me (FAQ)

Since “announcing” my plans, I’ve received some of the same questions. Here goes: Q: Where are you staying in every country? A: I don’t care to micro manage every part of the trip. I’ll figure out where to stay when I get there. I’ll use overnight trains/planes and sleep while moving. When I get somewhere, I’ll go have a tea/beer and ask the locals/bartenders where to stay – it will be great.