RTW Trip -- What people are asking me (FAQ)

Since “announcing” my plans, I’ve received some of the same questions. Here goes:

Q: Where are you staying in every country?
A: I don’t care to micro manage every part of the trip. I’ll figure out where to stay when I get there. I’ll use overnight trains/planes and sleep while moving. When I get somewhere, I’ll go have a tea/beer and ask the locals/bartenders where to stay – it will be great. My other ideas are Couchsurfing (the local Minneapolis community is great, by the way. My CS Profile), Airbnb looks like a great resource, and working for lodging also sounds perfectly fine for me. Ever heard of [helpx.net][4]? I’m a member there too.

Q: Where are you going? or I can’t believe you don’t have a plan?!
A: Pfft, why does everyone ask about a plan. It is 12 months, people. I am not willing to plan out 12 months of my life right now. Similarly, this is why I did NOT buy a RTW ticket in advance. (See also, ‘framework’ in the announcement post) Remember, this isn’t a vacation where I have limited time to see all the cool things – instead, I am embracing slow travel and my idea is to stay at a area/region for 3-4 weeks at a time.

Q: How are you carrying enough money?
A: It is a little known fact, amongst people who ask me, that Capital One does not charge any foreign transaction fees. I’ll carry some petty cash and use credit card elsewhere. No big deal. Yes, I’ve already wrote down the numbers to call if the stuff is lost/stolen.

Q: No phone? International Plan?
A: Ah, here we find everyone’s addiction to cell phones. No, no phone for me. Actually, I’ve been free from my $1000/year (!!) phone for a few weeks now, I get by just fine without it (ported my number to Google Voice). You know, I only used it for 30 voice minutes (paying for 450) and maybe 500M of data (paying for unlimited) per month anyway. Tell me again, why is that worth $1000/year? I think, at this pace, I’ll most likely never get a cell again (?).

Q: Why are you traveling by yourself?
A: Thinking back, I’ve never been super fond of roommates. In my college days, I was the first one to move out of my 5 person house. I live in a studio apartment now. I don’t want to have to think about the other person’s needs while making decisions. If I’m hungry, I go eat. If I WANT to goto that sweet “place X”, then I go. Now, this isn’t to say that I will not find a traveling partner on the road, I’m super excited to meet other people out there! Also, super excited to meet locals and allow myself to get immersed.

Q: Where will you work when you get back? or How will you survive when you get back?
A: Well, I don’t know. I’m not so sure if I want a computer-related career when I get back. This is one of the catalyst’s for traveling too. I have a side account of money, at which once I touch it, I know that I need to get back to my support system in the US at first moment. That plan is to not touch that since it will be used to get me on-my-feet for a few months.

Q: What about all your stuff?
A: Haha, this question is great. People cannot believe that I’ve (already) sold it all, or otherwise donated/thrown away. I have NO stuff to store. It is actually, extremely liberating.

I’m sure I could go on for a while with more FAQ’s… All of these questions have been asked by more than one person so please don’t think that I am singling anyone out. Any other questions?

[4]: http://www.helpx.net/

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