On the road (still)

A month on the road isn’t so bad, eh? So far, I’ve been living in my van & finding car parks to sleep in by the ocean mostly, it is a tough life! Haha.

Notable so far:

  • In June, I set up camp at Skydive Ramblers and made 30 skydives over a few weeks. That was fun, good dz there with nice people. It was an awesome break from “working” at a dz.
  • Took a short paragliding course at High Adventure and figured out how to get the wing over my head and run down a slope. You will see the motivation for this below.
  • Ran north to escape the New South Wales rain/cold (winter).

Just today, I spontaneously decided that I was going to drive 500km to Cairns and go for a 3 day scuba liveaboard trip! I made it, though my van tried to stop me. Slight overheating once I got to the tropics. The next 11 days are filled with scuba and skydiving! After that, I’m not sure where I will go. I’m leaving for New Zealand on August 29th, the plan is to go winter skiing and [speedriding][3]! So excited for that, even though it probably did cut my road trip short. How good is life?!

[3]: http://www.proximity100.com

Jeremy Olexa

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