Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 on Gentoo

Since there isn’t anything extremely relevant in google when searching for “gentoo quickcam pro 9000” – I hope this helps someone.

I solicited advice from the community for a webcam a couple months back and my girlfriend used the comments to buy me this model for Christmas. It works great, so thanks for recommending it people. =)

As Marcus Hanwell [wrote][2] some 7 months ago, it is easy to setup. To set this cam up, make sure you have a recent kernel (>=2.6.26 – don’t quote me on exact version. I used at the time of this writing) and then make sure you have at least these two things enabled:


After that, plug the cam in and verify that the drivers pick up the cam and usb mic with dmesg. That’s it. You can test the webcam by installing a tool called media-video/luvcview, I have found that this tool tends to crash while resizing the window or for random reasons – this is not of concern because it still allows us to verify the cam is working.

As for skype, I just had to change the ‘sound in’ device to the usb mic on this thing and then it worked fine.

[2]: http://blog.cryos.net/archives/183-New-Webcam-and-Linux.html

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