Gentoo: Infra team update

It has been awhile since I’ve posted about what I’ve been doing with Gentoo Linux. So, here is a general update for the team that I have been spending most of my time with.

  • You may have seen the Bugzilla upgrade that Christian was working on. Gentoo moved from the bottom of the list provided from one of the upstream devs to the top of the list. (As of April 2011)
  • I finally put an idea of mine into reality of graphing the number of “emerge –sync’s” against the rotation. Full graph and last 4 weeks
  • A new reporting website was born: – The vision was: “Many Gentoo devs have useful scripts and many people complain that there is not a central place to see all the output.” This site is a solution, and open for all. repo: qa-scripts.git
  • A new “Get Gentoo at a glance” website was born: that Matthew is still working on, so maybe expect some layout changes – The motivation for this was inspired from bug 350271, repo: get-gentoo.git
    • Some behind the scenes work involving our mastermirror service. The current hardware running this important service is one of the oldest hosts we have.
    Of course, there is always the untold hours to keep Gentoo Linux infrastructure running happily for all customers. As a final note, if you have a good idea, feel free to propose it via bugs or IRC. We will listen and definately avoid [NIH][8] syndrome if we can. Cheers.


Jeremy Olexa

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