Learning to be a video flyer

I spent the majority of last weekend skydiving with a video camera strapped to my head. This is not the first time but it was the first time trying to film a tandem skydive. It actually went really well. I kept the pair in frame the entire time, I got the entire exit including the plane leaving, and I also was able to flip on my back and film the deployment. Some things that I need to work on include conserving altitude, staying closer to the tandem pair (there was quite abit horizontal separation at first), and being able to fall slower. I need a baggier suit, which I am working on this week.

The guy that I videoed didn’t want to pay for a video, so I utilized it as practice time. My skills are no where near paying customer quality. Afterwards, we were watching that video and I was getting tips from the local experienced skydivers and the tandem passenger was watching as well. He liked it and wanted to “support my cause” and offered to buy it. I didn’t charge him full price but he even threw in a tip above what I asked him. Very cool.

Overall, it was a good learning experience. I think I will like flying video and hopefully I can get even better at it soon.

Jeremy Olexa

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