Gentoo: Bugday and maintainer-needed packages

In response to Bugday and my willingness to help, I want to help users that contribute. I won’t be around for Bugday and I am normally not available on the weekends. So, here is what I am willing to do.. On any maintainer-needed bug, if you fix the issue, feel free to CC me (darkside (at) on it. You should say something like “darkside: I fixed this and tested it, please commit” and I will review it and commit it.

Do not:

  • CC me on a bug that doesn’t have a fix.
  • CC me on a bug asking for help with something
  • CC me on a bug with a fix that you personally have not tested.
  • CC me on a maintainer-wanted package. Sorry, but there is Sunrise for you.

    • Abuse my willingness to help you.
    • Expect an immediate commit. Work, school, and my significant other come first 😉
    I am offering to do this because a) I like when users get involved and help make Gentoo better, b) the whole maintainership concept slightly bothers me, c) I can’t look at all 250+ maintainer-needed bugs to see if there is a fix for it by myself.

[Here][3] is a search for bugzilla that you could use to find maintainer-needed bugs (in assignee or CC). At the time of this writing there is 270. I (plus others I’m sure) have worked that queue before, the lowest I have seen it recently is 250. Consider this an open offer and we will see what happens. Thanks for helping!


Jeremy Olexa

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