Departure is a Go

25 hours until I board the plane…

I am excited. So very excited to begin the adventure, to see the world, to assimilate other cultures. Oh, the possibilities.
I am nervous. Slightly nervous because I am leaving the comfortable safety of “being home.”
I am sad. Mostly sad to leave my family and friends. Of course, I won’t be off the grid, at all. And, I will be back! Eventually. Love you all, thanks for the well wishes!
I am apprehensive. I think once I land in Amsterdam, it will all fall into place. Until then..uhh, what? Where? I spent many hours down the rathole of tripadvisor last night on the Netherlands.. I can’t wait to take locals suggestions on where to go and what to see instead of googling for stuff.
I am … Everything. What a mix of thoughts going on..

Carpe diem. Here we go.

Jeremy Olexa

Random stuff that I write and make public to the interwebs. I am a tech enthusiast, so some posts are about tech/software. However, as of late, most will be about traveling. I hope you enjoy and find something useful.