Bittersweet: Last day of work

I’m getting out of here in 12 days. 12…

Just taking a moment to reflect on my last day of work, today. Very mixed emotions because I’ve become friends with some of my colleagues. On one hand I am excited for the unknown future. However, also very uneasy about losing the stable income that I’ve enjoyed for the past…6 years. Salary does not correlate to happiness, though. I feel like my happiness potential is greater in my long run now. The funny thing about income, I’ve been saving very aggressively for this trip in the past 4 months, typically saving 60-70% of my income and still enjoying hobbies, friends, etc, so where the heck did it all go in the past??!? This is really enlightening, it makes me feel like I can do anything if I apply myself and have goals.

It is a very strange feeling quitting your first job. Most people are either fired or moving on to the next job. I’m doing neither. While I don’t see many of my colleagues moving on to future jobs, I do know that most of my peers are typically only at their jobs for 2-3 years before moving on. It is a very odd realization to notice that I was coasting in this job and it would be very easy to stay (dare I say, forever?).

I know there will always be something to do. It is more about the attitude than the situation, in my opinion. Off the top of my head, I can think of 2-3 gigs that I can do right now. Not to mention all the odd jobs out there.

Oh well, it will be interesting to see where the future lands me….

Jeremy Olexa

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