Intel: iwl3945 improvements

Better but not great. As I previously wrote about how much iwl3945 sucked. The .27 kernel seems like there has been many iwl improvements. When I say, “seems” – that is what I mean. I mean that it seems like there is improvements, and the changelogs show alot of iwl activity. So, my current experiences with iwl3945 still show some “troubles” with being on B networks. But this time, mixed networks work better and G networks work flawlessly.

Intel: iwl3945 madness

As jaervosz wrote the other day, the iwl3945 driver has some serious issues with it. I think I have it narrowed down to what conditions cause the problem. Problem: When downloading large files for non-trivial amounts of time, the download speed drops to <80 K/s. This is unacceptable, the whole pipe is limited to that by the way. I am not sure what exactly causes this but I have narrowed down the conditions to which it happens.