Writing a Lambda Function for Hugo

This post will describe how I choose to implement an AWS Lambda function to build a static website. As I alluded to in the previous post, here are the details. I just open sourced my first AWS #Lambda function! GitHub Push webhook > SNS > Lambda More details and docs to come. — Jeremy Olexa (@jolexa) December 29, 2015 For those not familar with Lambda, please see - the slogan fits, “Run code, not servers” and it is really neat if you can find a practical application.

Migrate to Hugo from Wordpress

I have now liberated myself away from Wordpress. Launching new site today, now. This site has substantial archetechure changes compared to the old one. Old Blog New Blog Software Wordpress Hugo Hosting Linode Amazon S3 Deployment Maintain software stack, CMS Soon to be automated Source Control None GitHub Editor Web App Any editor, just text files. Markdown format Security Self Secured (PHP based app) Static Files, protect the AWS keys, etc Time to maintain Relatively lots Relatively Zero Optimization, CDN, Speed Self optimization from single point CloudFlare fronted, AWS SLA, small files, less moving parts Why switch?