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blog.jolexa.net : Now void of Google ads

I never really liked Google ads. I just had them here in the hope that it would pay for a domain registration or two.

  • 15 months of Google Adsense
  • 41,464 Page Impressions
  • 56 clicks
  • $23 dollars of ‘revenue’
  • 56,553 views according to site stats.

So, that is enough. Since I don’t like ads on my site, they are now gone. :)

Linux: Linus has a blog! =)

Old news…by about..2 weeks now. But in case some of you haven’t seen this yet, Linus Torvalds now has his own blog after “having avoided the whole blogging thing so far”

Anyway, here it is for all you blog maniacs out there.