Wisconsin State Canopy Formation Record

Over the past weekend, I was at Sky Knights skydiving drop zone near Milwaukee, WI. The main event was the [canopy relative work (CRW)][3] state record attempts. I had only participated in approximately 25 CRW jumps before this, but I was able to add another 13 jumps this weekend. The previous state record for CRW in Wisconsin was 14 and this year we completed a 25 way diamond on our second attempt to set the new record. I was able to jump with eight CRW world record holders which was awesome and really helped me improve.

25way CRW formation

25way CRW formation

I am in the third row from the bottom on the left side. (Photo Credit goes to: Eric Bernetzke)

[3]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canopy_formation

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