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Ahem, let me dust this this off…

For those keeping track at home, it has been over 7 months since writing on this thing. Yup, new job, new car, new apartment after I got back. That was fun, and “settling” in again has kept me busy. I’ve also been enjoying the [short] summer that we have.

The most common question that people ask me now is “When are you leaving again?” – I guess there must be something in my eyes when I tell the travel story…ha. Nothing planned.

As far as tech goes, I’ve been digging into [Chef][1] for my IT automation needs. I simply can’t imagine a workplace without automation these days. I would show some github stats here but, (said every Ops engineer that I know,) most everything is behind private repo(s). I’m learning new technologies I haven’t used before and wearing many hats at a startup. I know the breadth of skills can only help in the long run. I haven’t worked on Gentoo Linux in awhile. I’m trying to find something there that interests me but after your tech belongings have been commoditized/optimized for lightweight travel, motivation is lacking. Keeping up with emerging tech is still fun, though.

[1]: http://www.getchef.com/

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