NZ trip, Aussie, what's next?

Wow, I’ve been away from home for a year. Time runs quick, I remember being nervous to leave, now I’m nervous to be in one place for too long.

New Zealand was totally rad. It was exactly what people say regarding seeing all aspects of the world (nature-wise) in one little island, sooo primo. It takes quite abit to get on my list of places to come back to because there is so much to see in the world, but I’ll go back to New Zealand. I was there for 4 weeks, I stayed in Christchurch for a week. In Christchurch, I did an equal amount of skiing and skydiving (props to Lee at Skydiving Kiwis). Then I went to a speedriding event where I learned to speedride and skied for a week. After that week of epicness, living on the ski field for 9 days with 40 other crazy fun people, I took about 7 days to do a mini road trip around the north end of the south island. I worked my way to Queenstown and stayed there for a few days. Queenstown is a magic seasonal tourist city where the mountain peaks cascade down to the lake in the city and you can walk around the city in all of 30 minutes. In Queenstown, I went Bungy jumping and whitewater rafting for the first time. Epic.


[New Zealand Pics][3]

Then, I came back to Aussie on my travel high and hung out in Maitland for a few weeks, “working” and having fun. Then I was off to a skydiving event, the West Coast Sundowner in York, Western Australia (a 5 hour flight from Sydney). Skydiving with some awesome people and meeting some new and old friends. That brings me here. Now.


I’ll be on my way to visit my cuz in Japan in the later half of November and back to Minnesota in December. Anyone know of some short term jobs, preferably computer related? :)


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