November 2012 wrap up

To wrap up my November, I finished up my stay in Prague. The below were two-day trips, where I was embracing home-base travel – meaning I would go somewhere then come back.

Before I left the Czech Republic, I also went to Cesky Krumlov, an amazing medieval town, UNESCO town, castle, brewery, winding streets, very glad I went there. I’m thinking about how to get back there during the summer. Cesky Krumlov is the second most visited city in the Czech Republic. I took the train there and the bus back. The train was quite nice but there was a few connections, at one point I was following the herd as we went from train to bus to train and I was confused but it worked out in the end. I got to Krumlov, walked to the hostel Krumlov House (recommended), ate at the delicious Two Marys restaurant, hung out with the staff, and went to a local bar. Then I walked around the castle, went to a brewery tour, relaxed for a few days, and took it all in. I took the bus back to Prague because it was quicker and cheaper.

Czech Republic (Prague, Olomouc, Cesky Krumlov) Oct/Nov 2012-243
(The view of the city from the castle)
Cesky Krumlov Pics

Dresden, Germany for a few days. I carpooled here with 3 other Germans as they were going home for the weekend and then couchsurfed. The generosity of people is amazing in this world. I was only there for a few nights, the first night, I walked around then ate out with my host. The next day, I went to the Botanical gardens (many pictures for my Grandpa), the VW Factory (no pictures allowed) – I’d recommend the glass factory tour to those that are engineering types, it is quite nice, then I walked around the city some. Went into a church, climbed to the top viewing point, and went out to eat again and chatted worldly topics with my host. She never had a guest from the USA before. The very unique thing about Dresden, even though it looks old, it is not since it was rebuilt after the war. I also carpooled back, the Germans love to be efficient.

Dresden Pics

Then we can fast forward to December 1, when I got on the bus for Vienna. I lost my camera on November 30th, so there is only mental pictures of Vienna. I stayed there for 3 nights. It is an expensive city relative to Czech Republic and farther east, but I liked it. I stayed at an independent hostel, [Hostel Ruthersteiner]5 I met with my friend Marijn and we walked around the city with his family and colleague. I tried to goto a Viennese Opera but there was only standing room and I didn’t feel like standing still for 2.5 hours so of course I went to the Viennese Christmas Markets instead and enjoyed many a gl├╝hwein (hot wine). I also toured the UN headquarters in Vienna and had lunch with my friend there. I could imagine myself going back there later in life to soak in the cultural activities that are more suited for older people or families.

Now, I am in Budapest. More on that later…


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