New Project:

I’ve completed my new project, finally. I am proudly releasing to the world. Planet Skydive is simply a one stop for people to read skydiving blog posts.

Have you ever wanted to blog about skydiving but thought it was pointless because no one would read it? Well, now you have an audience.

I wanted to have a place that I could subscribe to that would aggregate all the skydiving posts that people wanted to contribute. Anyone can contribute, the only thing that you cannot do is advertise products for sale. This is not a classified page, for that you can use

If you would like to be added to this site, send an email to “jeremy at” with your blog address, point of contact email address, province/state & country if you want a flag by your posts. Then you can make a post and it will show up here. This index is updated hourly, so it is not instant.

Some post ideas:

  • Your journey at your first bigway camp
  • Some achievement (being selected for a world record attempt, first 4-stack CReW, first otter jump, whatever)
  • Objective review of a new dropzone
  • Your dog’s first skydive
  • Your goal for becoming USPA dictator, I mean, what you are doing on the USPA BOD and why we should care.

If you don’t have a blog yet and want one. I would highly recommend either wordpress or [blogger][3]. (both free)


Jeremy Olexa

Random stuff that I write and make public to the interwebs. I am a tech enthusiast, so some posts are about tech/software. However, as of late, most will be about traveling. I hope you enjoy and find something useful.