Linux: fastboot / my bootchart

Hmm, there is alot of buzz around the fastboot craze and now hitting the proverbial 5 second boot. This is turning out to be a fun thing to follow. Linus doesn’t like the fastboot [patches][4] but developers are adopting some of the patches that these guys have created (see lwn article, X devs offered to help, etc).

Anyway, many kudos to Intel for supporting the open source community, Powertop, latencytop, X, Thank you Intel for your support. :) As such, I will support Intel with my purchasing power. Editted to add: (10/15/2008) As so kindly pointed out by leio on irc, “AMD does offer resources freely and contribute to OSS as well. For example, they are one big driving force and helper for the free firmware story – a story that GNU has at second position in free software important projects.” -leio. My opinion doesn’t really change here and this is getting to be out of scope for this particular post.

Without modifications to practically anything on my system. I have a working laptop in ~30 seconds. I plan on tweaking this some and hopefully I can shave it down to less than 20. 10-15 would be excellent, but not a big goal for me.

I find it rather interesting that there is no CPU or I/O activity until ~5 seconds. I'll have to work on that I guess. Editted to add: (10/15/2008) See comments for hint on how to get bootchart to display the first 5 seconds. Thanks Donnie.


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