ING Referral Links

After some searching for a new online savings account, I settled on [ING Direct][1]. A few reasons include a competitive interest rate, good user interface, ability to create sub-accounts (I use these for different savings goals), & most importantly a $25 bonus from using some one else’s referral link. It took me until the 4th page on google to find a working link.

So, if you are looking for a new savings account or just a quick and easy $25 dollars, do consider using these below. However, you must fund the account with an initial deposit of $250+. As a bonus, you get $25 (an immediate 10% return 😉 ) and I get $10.

Referral Link 1 (Expires 5/15/09)

Referral Link 2 (Expires 5/15/09)

Referral Link 3 (Expires 5/15/09)

Referral Link 4 (Expires 5/15/09)

Referral Link 5 (Expires 5/15/09)

Edit: No one used my links, so leave a comment if you want one. thx.

Leave a comment if they appear to be all used up. I will try to monitor it and refresh them as needed.

PS. Welcome to the first post in my new financial catagory. I apologize if it bores some of my regular readers but I plan to journal some of my insights, goals, and financial mishaps here.


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