Home stretch of undergrad-ness

Well, I just started classes again today. I just have 5 classes left of undergrad! Only 16 credits, so technically I could finish it in one semester. However, I would prefer to stretch it out over 2 semesters. 10 credits this semester and 6 next semester. Both technically are considered “half-time” which is great because then I won’t have to repay my student loans until 6 months after May 15th 2009 or so. Hopefully I can save up some money to have a nestegg by then. Also great because I need to work for 40 hours every week and I think that is impossible for me with a full load of classes.

I’m looking forward to an easy semester of school and a stressful semester of work. boo work but that should be fine enough as well.

Jeremy Olexa

Random stuff that I write and make public to the interwebs. I am a tech enthusiast, so some posts are about tech/software. However, as of late, most will be about traveling. I hope you enjoy and find something useful.