Gentoo: Status update on Gentoo Mirrors

In the past few months, there have been a number of things going on. I want to share those with the readers:

  • New Document: The tools-portage team has made app-portage/mirrorselect use this document to help users select rsync mirrors in a similar fashion as distfile mirrors. Additionally, I have a bug open to include this page in docs and/or the homepage.
  • [][3] – tracks community distfile mirrors for freshness. This page has been around before, but now it supports rsync and IPv6 as well.
  • – tracks community gentoo-portage mirrors for freshness. This page is brand new. There was an old implementation but it wasn’t kept up to date as we added new mirrors.
  • New mirror-admin team member, Mark (Halcy0n).

Coming up next: Better IPv6 support, including new rotations for IPv6 only and mixed rotations.


Jeremy Olexa

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