Gentoo Prefix: PORTAGE_TMPDIR on NFS solution.

[Gentoo Prefix][1] allows you to place a “prefixed environment” wherever you would like. So, if you want to be able to access your prefix on a NFS network it would make sense to put the prefix in /home for example. I don’t have any solid numbers but I can imagine that the IO for the nfs server is pretty high when emerging. I would rather not suffer the penalties of compile on NFS but also I WOULD like to access PORTAGE_TMPDIR from any host. For the longest time, I was trying to think of a solution for this, that not compile on a NFS share but also be able to see/access PORTAGE_TMPDIR no matter what host I am on in the network. This is a tricky situation that can be solved by setting PORTAGE_TMPDIR to another NFS mount which just happens to reside on the local machine!

I like it!!

My solution is to symlink $EPREFIX/var/tmp to the other NFS mount on the localhost. In my case, /net/$(hostname)/public/tmp.

UPDATE: The above ‘solution’ isn’t that great. It resulted in a total time increase of about 12%. However, making the symlink point to the local hard drive resulted in a total time decrease of about 31%. (on emerge -e system) Therefore, my latest recommendation is to create the symlink as described originally and override it with PORTAGE_TMPDIR set to the local path.


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