Gentoo: New package, sys-apps/preload, a adaptive readahead daemon

Hey all,
I just put preload into portage. I found this one by researching readahead stuff. Preload is an adaptive readahead daemon. This is a cool little app that I have been running all day now. The short story is that it scans /proc every 20 seconds and will maintain its own “database” of files to keep loaded in memory.

The long story is: The author’s whitepaper on preload. And more details can be found [here][2].

Anyway, I could use testers on this package. I have observed noticable speedups on the first launch of apps like firefox, thunderbird, & vim. This does work and it is very smart. It cannot use “all your ram” and it has tons of configuration options. Please provide feedback, and file bugs as appropriate. Thanks.


Jeremy Olexa

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