Gentoo: Genesi Efika MX unboxing and first impressions.

In the mail today, I got the Efika MX Open Client. My first impressions are pretty good. No noise and no moving parts, it should last for a long time. It comes with Ubuntu 9.10 minimal on it out of the box.

That HDMI output makes it the best text console I have ever seen on my 40” 1080p LCD TV! :) Seriously though, on my TODO:

  • Analyze the possibilities for a HTPC. This will be just something fun to do.
  • Gentoo Prefix on ARM. This will be the first time, that we know of, that it has been attempted. It shouldn’t be that hard because Gentoo already has ARM support which means that most apps already work.
  • Install Gentoo Linux on it and help [armin76][3] document the installation process.
  • Assisting the Gentoo ARM team with providing binary packages and weekly stages for Gentoo Linux users.
  • And more…
Size comparision of Efika MX vs Aspire1

Size comparision of Efika MX vs Aspire1


Back of the Efika MX. Power, HDMI, Ethernet, headphone, mic


Front of Efika MX. USB, USB, SD Card Slot


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