200 skydives in '08 so far

In response to my [last post][1], I just hit another milestone today..that is 200 jumps in a calendar year. I now have 200 skydives in ‘08. :)

Let me look at my log books and break it down for comparison:

  • 2008: (so far) 200 skydives
  • 2007: 199 skydives
  • 2006: 85 skydives
  • 2004: 19 skydives (not including static-line, training jumps)

It is interesting to note that I was close to 200 last year, but I have had a much better year this year while being around home more often and spending more time with my girlfriend. I think I have struck a very good balance this year and I am very happy about that (not to say that it can’t be improved somehow?).

200 is an arbitrary number and has no real meaning, just a round number that is nice to see.

[1]: http://jolexa.wordpress.com/2008/09/22/500-skydives/

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