About Me / Contact

A rough timeline of some life events that is fitting for an “About” page:

  • 1986: Born.
  • 2004: Graduated High School.
  • 2008: First full time job at Fortune 500 software company, Symantec.
  • 2009: Graduated College, earned a degree in Computer Science.
  • Oct 2012: Started my Round-the-World Trip, kicking it off in Amsterdam, NL.
  • Dec 2013: Concluded my Round-the-World Trip. Started a new job, private Saas Company, Reeher.
  • Dec 2014: Started a new job, SPS Commerce.

For fun, I like to:

  • Skydive. I am a skydiving instructor with 2300+ jumps.
  • Pilot. I am an instrument rated private pilot.
  • Technology. Self described tech enthusiast.
  • Software. Very interested in Free and Open Source Software, contribute and support.

Countries I’ve been to (not stop-overs):

  • 2008: Mexico
  • 2009: France
  • 2010: Canada
  • 2012: Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, FYROM, Greece
  • 2013: Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Japan

Contact Me via:

  • Phone: 612-481-8750 Google Voice, probably won’t answer to be honest
  • Or, you can just contact me via this form (email):