Road Trip Ready

I’m leaving my home base in Australia, Skydive Maitland, and venturing off. It all started with an idea, and this:


I took the seats out of the van, put a bed in the back and now I’m ready to go.


My grand plan is to go all the way around Australia. Some people tell me it is 25,000km or so. I have no real time commitments (as always), so for now I’m heading “north” – to where it is warmer. I think I’m the only guy chasing mild winter on my rtw trip, no more! I’m leaving Maitland with new friends to visit again and I did about 250+ jumps in the 3 months I was working there, good times.


  1. Theresa Eisele

    Hey, Jeremy! Great to hear from you. The van looks like a sweet, comfortable ride. Happy memories to you! With lots of love – Bob, Tres, & Kalani “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” (Tim Cahill’s quote from our June 2013 calendar)

  2. Hi Jeremy safe travels…… The van has turned out good & comfy I hope! Love you & pray for your safety as always.

  3. looking good Jeremy …….very jealous…keep having the adventure of a lifetime!

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