Sri Lanka in February

I wrote about how I ended up in Sri Lanka in my last post, here. I ended up with a GI sickness during my second week, from the a bad meal or water and it spoiled the last week that I was there, but I had my own room, bathroom, a good book, and a resort on the beach. Overall, the first week was fun, teaching English, living in a small village and being immersed in the culture staying with a host family. Hats off to volunteers that can live there long term. I was craving “western culture” after a short time. I didn’t see as much as a wanted to, like the wild elephants, Buddhist temples or surf lessons. There will be other places or times to do that stuff though.

Sri Lanka pics

  1. Theresa Eisele

    Hey, Jeremy! Always good to hear details and see pictures of your adventures. You’re looking great! Keep us posted. Lots of love and hugs – Bob, Tres, and Kalani “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” (Henry Miller)

  2. Jeremy I love seeing your pictures, it looks like the Sri Lanka children really enjoy having you there, stay healthy and safe….Miss you and Happy early Birthday!!!!! Bonnie

  3. Where are you off to after AU?

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