November 2012 wrap up

To wrap up my November, I finished up my stay in Prague. The below were two-day trips, where I was embracing home-base travel – meaning I would go somewhere then come back.

Before I left the Czech Republic, I also went to Cesky Krumlov, an amazing medieval town, UNESCO town, castle, brewery, winding streets, very glad I went there. I’m thinking about how to get back there during the summer. Cesky Krumlov is the second most visited city in the Czech Republic. I took the train there and the bus back. The train was quite nice but there was a few connections, at one point I was following the herd as we went from train to bus to train and I was confused but it worked out in the end. I got to Krumlov, walked to the hostel Krumlov House (recommended), ate at the delicious Two Marys restaurant, hung out with the staff, and went to a local bar. Then I walked around the castle, went to a brewery tour, relaxed for a few days, and took it all in. I took the bus back to Prague because it was quicker and cheaper.

Czech Republic (Prague, Olomouc, Cesky Krumlov) Oct/Nov 2012-243
(The view of the city from the castle)
Cesky Krumlov Pics

Dresden, Germany for a few days. I carpooled here with 3 other Germans as they were going home for the weekend and then couchsurfed. The generosity of people is amazing in this world. I was only there for a few nights, the first night, I walked around then ate out with my host. The next day, I went to the Botanical gardens (many pictures for my Grandpa), the VW Factory (no pictures allowed) – I’d recommend the glass factory tour to those that are engineering types, it is quite nice, then I walked around the city some. Went into a church, climbed to the top viewing point, and went out to eat again and chatted worldly topics with my host. She never had a guest from the USA before. The very unique thing about Dresden, even though it looks old, it is not since it was rebuilt after the war. I also carpooled back, the Germans love to be efficient.

Dresden Pics

Then we can fast forward to December 1, when I got on the bus for Vienna. I lost my camera on November 30th, so there is only mental pictures of Vienna. I stayed there for 3 nights. It is an expensive city relative to Czech Republic and farther east, but I liked it. I stayed at an independent hostel, Hostel Ruthersteiner (recommended as well) I met with my friend Marijn and we walked around the city with his family and colleague. I tried to goto a Viennese Opera but there was only standing room and I didn’t feel like standing still for 2.5 hours so of course I went to the Viennese Christmas Markets instead and enjoyed many a gl├╝hwein (hot wine). I also toured the UN headquarters in Vienna and had lunch with my friend there. I could imagine myself going back there later in life to soak in the cultural activities that are more suited for older people or families.

Now, I am in Budapest. More on that later…

  1. The Eisele Family

    Hey, Jeremy! We’re so happy that your trip continues to go well. Thanks for sharing the details and beautiful pictures. Do you take photos of your new-found friends? It’d be fun to see who you’re meeting along the way. Things are wintery-white in Minnesota as we just received a foot of snow in the metro area. Keep having fun, enjoying life, learning new things, and having an open mind – you don’t want to miss anything! With love and big hugs – Bob, Tres, & Kalani

  2. Hi Jeremy ….the pictures are nice I like the panoramic shots they really show the nice views of the cities. Nice to see you in a few of the shots :) keep having fun exploring this big world of ours…..

  3. Hey Jerry! Chris and I just got your note and the souvenirs from the beer tour. Thank you so much for thinking of us! It was fun to imagine for a minute that we were in the castle brewery. :-) Can’t wait to hear about Budapest.

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