Gentoo: Graphing the Developer Web of Trust

“Nothing gets people’s interest peaked like colorful graphics. Therefore, graphing the web of trust in your local area as you build it can help motivate people to participate as well as giving everyone a clear sense of what’s being accomplished as things progress.”

I graphed the Gentoo Developer Web of Trust, as motivated by the (outdated) Debian Web of Trust.

Graph (same as link above) – Redrawn weekly :
Stats per Node :
Source :;a=blob;;hb=HEAD


  1. It doesn’t seem to merge entries for people with multiple keys so I am there twice.

  2. Thanks! Now if only everyone from the Gentoo Miniconf would actually process the result of key-signing…

  3. darkside: Can you separate out the disconnected clusters and users?

    • Yea, I’m toying with the graphing engine. 1) it is useless to include those that are NOT connected to the WoT (I think), 2) tried using neato (equal linelengths), dot , and springgraph (shortest linelengths possible). I prefer dot, for singleing out clusters within a web.

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