Gentoo Miniconf 2012

The Gentoo Miniconf is over now but it was a great success. There was 30+ developers that went and I met quite some users too. Thanks to Theo (tampakrap) and Michal (miska) for organizing the event (and others), thanks to openSUSE for sponsoring and letting the Gentoo Linux guys hangout there. Thanks to the other sponsors too, Google, Aeroaccess, et al.

More pics at the Google+ event page.

It was excellent to meet all of you.

  1. Even though Phoronix disagrees[1], I think it was a success because of the number of devs there in one place far outseeded other events. I counted 30+, see the pics on g+ or Facebook.


  2. The schedule shows some highly interesting talks, is it possible to access them (as videos or slides) somehow?

  3. hey jeremy, tom is wondering what your mom’s address is. You should shoot him an e-mail if you can. Talk to you later and hope things are going well.

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