Departure is a Go

25 hours until I board the plane…

I am excited. So very excited to begin the adventure, to see the world, to assimilate other cultures. Oh, the possibilities.
I am nervous. Slightly nervous because I am leaving the comfortable safety of “being home.”
I am sad. Mostly sad to leave my family and friends. Of course, I won’t be off the grid, at all. And, I will be back! Eventually. Love you all, thanks for the well wishes!
I am apprehensive. I think once I land in Amsterdam, it will all fall into place. Until then..uhh, what? Where? I spent many hours down the rathole of tripadvisor last night on the Netherlands.. I can’t wait to take locals suggestions on where to go and what to see instead of googling for stuff.
I am … Everything. What a mix of thoughts going on..

Carpe diem. Here we go.

  1. Enjoy, and have fun!

  2. You will be missed, although I’ll be in touch with you along the way. Some phone calls, and most diffently watching the blog. I wish you luck in your adventure of a lifetime, and can’t wait to hear all the stories that you’ll bring home with you! So have fun & get to know the locals, and all they have to show you. Love You & take care
    Love Mom <3

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