Gentoo: Status update on Gentoo Mirrors

In the past few months, there have been a number of things going on. I want to share those with the readers:

  • New Document: The tools-portage team has made app-portage/mirrorselect use this document to help users select rsync mirrors in a similar fashion as distfile mirrors. Additionally, I have a bug open to include this page in docs and/or the homepage.
  • – tracks community distfile mirrors for freshness. This page has been around before, but now it supports rsync and IPv6 as well.
  • – tracks community gentoo-portage mirrors for freshness. This page is brand new. There was an old implementation but it wasn’t kept up to date as we added new mirrors.
  • New mirror-admin team member, Mark (Halcy0n).

Coming up next: Better IPv6 support, including new rotations for IPv6 only and mixed rotations.

  1. You don’t have a ZA mirror, and I don’t see one for Africa at all. My mirror ( is public and saves my users (and me!) huge amounts of international bandwidth.

    How would I proceed to become an official mirror? Last time I checked, the status page said Gentoo was not actively seeking new mirrors anywhere, so I didn’t pursue it.

  2. Good work, awesome!

  3. Jeremy, it’d be better to include Russia in Europe, not Asia. Although most of Russia is formally in Asia, all of the listed mirrors are in Moscow and St. Petersburg, both of which are in the European part. Further, this is a more common classification, albeit controversial :)

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