Gentoo: Improve boot time…

Switch to baselayout-2 and openrc..the speed up is noticeable. Especially if you enable rc_parallel="YES" in /etc/rc.conf. Anyway, others have wrote about it already, including a bootchartd of before and after here.

Anyway, this should be hitting stable soonish and when it does be sure to read the migration guide because some things have indeed changed.

For me, I count to 10 slowly and my laptop is at the xdm prompt…very cool and good job Roy!

  1. I seem to remember upstart (ubuntu’s boot system) implementing a LATER runlevel/option in some of the daemons. Which simply means to pause them and start them at a later time. Seems that could considerably decrease the time it takes from boot to a responsive logged in desktop.

  2. Wow, neat idea.

  3. The “start later” option only produces a faster login screen as the processes are still starting in the background. This is quite common actually, somewhat useful, but it’s not a real solution IMO.

    As far as baselayout-2 and OpenRC going stable. Is there a tracker bug or similar we can follow so as to keep on top of the status ? I’ve tried searching bugzilla but haven’t had any luck.

  4. @Beau: With regards to a tracker bug…not that I am aware of but I have heard that Cardoe will be coordinating the stablereq when he gets back from vacation in alittle while.

  5. Gentoo: devtmpfs and boot times (revisited) | Jeremy's Weblog - pingback on December 10, 2009 at 9:16 am
  6. Thanks for the info! I too have a noticeable improvement.

    My boot average boot time before the upgrade to baselayout-2 was 29.46 seconds, after the upgrade (with rc_parallel) my average boot time is 21.33 seconds. That’s a 28% reduction!

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