Another reason to love

It should be no secret that this site and my other co-location needs are hosted at, for which I am a happy customer running Gentoo Linux.

The reason for this post is that after an announcement today. All I had to do was reboot and then I received a 42% RAM increase. Yay.

Thanks Linode, you are exceeding your competition!
(Shameless plug for my referral code :) )

  1. For less than the price of a Linode 512, I can get 2 GB of ram, real hardware (OK, this might not always be a plus), 160 GB of storage, unlimited traffic (gigabit speed) at

    • Yes, but you get a very bad processor (VIA Nano U2250) and no RAID. One of the cool things about Linode is that most of the time the host is idle so you can get almost 100% of the host CPU.

  2. I love, but its a off my budget.
    Although my company, through my recommendation, is using Linode and we all are happy :)

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